A few months back, I was honored to design robes to be used in a film by my friend, Callie Hernandez. It was an honor to work with such a talented team of artists to help create this concept video. Today it launches in the new issue of Bleach Online. You can check out the video and editorial below:
BLEACH ONLINE SHORT FILM from callie hernandez on Vimeo.

film by: Callie Hernandez
featuring: Mikaylah Bowman and Veronica Ortuno
produced by: Shari Gerstenberger
shot and edited by: Callie Hernandez and Paul Galvan
wardrobe by: Shari Gerstenberger and Kulturegeist
with contributions by: Shayne Stroud, Tamera Becerravaldez, and Teresa May Nichta
music by: Sleep Over