Now Online via Through the Looking Glass

My dear friend and all around sweetheart, Maggie Martine, recently launched an online store for her Austin-based Through the Looking Glass. These one-of-a-kind Kulturegeist tops and many other treasures are now available on the interwebs!  You can click on any picture below to link to the site.

The Secret Garden

Katy Shayne has always been one of my favorite collaborators.  Recently, she and I worked on a shoot with unusual textiles that we used to build the backdrop and look for each phase of the shoot.  These images made it to Issue 8 of Haunt Magazine, and I couldn't be happier with how they came out! Thank you River Liana for being our muse!

I spy the beautiful Callie Hernandez looking quite stunning in this month's issue of Cosmopolitan!  She is wearing her Kulturegeist sheer cocoon jacket from the Rosewater editorial we worked on together a few months back.  Photo by the adorable Shelly Neuman of ATX Street Style.

Schipani Suit

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on this special summer suit for super badass artist Xavier Schipani.  It was my first-ever attempt at menswear, and  I couldn't be happier with the final results! Thanks Jackie Young for the photos!


Check out this dreamy Martha Graham/Dead Can Dance-inspired editorial I co-styled for Austin's newest fashion zine, Velvet Dust.  Below are some of my favorites; you can check out the rest of it, and many more great "edies" from its Illusions issue HERE.


 Model: Emily Hoover
Art Direction: Katy Shayne/Emily Hoover
Style: Bekah DuBose/Emily Hoover
Hair & Makeup: Panda Villa

Dark Days

Feathers Spring Lookbook featuring new designs from Alchemy and Kulturegeist

stylist: Emily Hoover and Bekah DuBose
photograher: Katy Shayne
model: Alanna Loosen

Kulturegeist in Today's Edition of Nylon Daily

Kulturegeist was featured in Austin's edition of Nylon Daily today! Thank you for the kind words!


How gorgeous is Alex in the Kulturegeist Uzbek Atlas Robe, styled by Emily Hoover and shot by Shayne Stroud for Feathers Boutique!!  You can check out the rest of the editorial here

Kyle Thompson

I'm currently Flickr-stalking Kyle Thompson.  Absolutely in love with his self-portraits.  Click here to go to his website.


A few months back, I was honored to design robes to be used in a film by my friend, Callie Hernandez. It was an honor to work with such a talented team of artists to help create this concept video. Today it launches in the new issue of Bleach Online. You can check out the video and editorial below:
BLEACH ONLINE SHORT FILM from callie hernandez on Vimeo.

film by: Callie Hernandez
featuring: Mikaylah Bowman and Veronica Ortuno
produced by: Shari Gerstenberger
shot and edited by: Callie Hernandez and Paul Galvan
wardrobe by: Shari Gerstenberger and Kulturegeist
with contributions by: Shayne Stroud, Tamera Becerravaldez, and Teresa May Nichta
music by: Sleep Over

A Few New Pieces...

Over the past few weeks I've been working on mixing silk velvets and Indian silks into some new designs. Here are a few pieces I just dropped off at Feathers Boutique today.